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Choice of Repairer

Why choosing the right panel beater is so important

What does Choice of Repairer Mean to you and Your Vehicle?

When a car gets damaged, one of the first things owners check is their car insurance. However, within your comprehensive car insurance are important details that can either protect you and your vehicle or your insurer.

Here’s what you need to know.

Preferred repairer: Basically panel beaters that work closely with your insurer. They are typically commissioned by the insurance company to provide you with services should you get involved in an accident that has damaged your vehicle’s body.

Choice of repairer: Your insurance company allows you to pick a panel beater of your own choosing — choose who will repair your vehicle in the event of an accident. This allows you to find the best possible service to use.

If you see these clauses on your comprehensive car insurance, know that the former will be a company that works for your insurer. And while your insurance provider will often partner with panel beaters that have achieved some level of reputation in the industry, they typically repair a high volume of vehicles and work on a limited budget set by the insurer.

On the other hand, the latter means that you can bring your car to a panel beater that will give your car the best possible service. Remember, they don’t work for your insurer, they work for you.

When you choose us, you can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands and that we will repair the damages based on your standards and not your insurer. Contact Classic Panels today and find out how we can help.

The only place I will ever take my car for bodywork. The attention to detail and family values at this panel shop are second to none. Friendly guys and incredible workmanship, very highly recommended

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