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Need Your Bumper Fixed?

One of the most common car accidents we see affects the car bumper whether it features a dent, scratch, hole, or any other damage. Having a damaged bumper not only loses its visual appeal but also will impact the vehicle’s safety and roadworthy condition. This not only puts you and your passengers in danger but others on the road as well. This is why you should enlist a professional bumper repairs specialist to fix the damage right away.

Looking To Get Your Car Bumper Repair in Melbourne?

Over 40 Years Experience

One of our panel experts will be able to advise if the bumper is repairable or a new one will need to be installed. All damaged panels will be repaired with our car respray services bringing them back to their pre-crash condition. We offer bumper repairs Melbourne wide with our highly skilled and knowledgeable panel repair team. Find out more about our bumper repairs by getting in touch or visiting our Dandenong accident repair shop.

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Classic Panels - Dandenong

We offer premium service at our Dandenong workshop when it comes to repairing front and rear car bumpers of all make and models. We can repair all bumper dents, scratches, swirls and scuff marks to a pristine finish. Backed by our i-Car certified training we implement all techniques when it comes to bumper and panel repairs. Our services include:

  • Minor and major bumper repairs
  • All genuine parts used
  • We can transform your bumper to looking brand new again
  • Full detailed car wash after repairs

Why Choose Our Bumper Repairs?

We’re not only experts in car bumper repairs but we’re also here to deliver the best in customer service. We’ll assist you throughout the whole repair process and support you with any insurance claims. No matter which insurance company you’re covered with, get in touch with Classic Panels so we can get your vehicle back on the road sooner.

  • Skilled and experienced panel beaters to fix your bumpers
  • Genuine part replacement
  • Highly competitive prices
  • We work with all major insurance companies
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Our Bumper Repair Process

call our friendly team

Step 1

Get in touch with our friendly staff regarding the bumper repairs for your vehicle.

drop off vehicle

Step 2

We will inspect the damage and repair any of the damaged bumpers from your car.

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Step 3

Some repairs may require a full replacement of the bumper or a restoration of the existing one.

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Step 4

Once your repair has been completed, your vehicle will receive a full wash and detail to deliver a premium finish.

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